Saturday, September 22, 2012

Authentic Japanese Cuisine Lessons

The other night at our monthly CAFP meeting we had a lovely guest who did four Japanese recipe demonstrations for us. What a great and educational night!

Soup starter

 Sesame and Spinach Salad

The seasoning line-up

Ginger marinated pork

Prepping the rice for sushi

Making our own hand rolls. What a great dinner party idea: cut nori into four squares, have a bowl of seasoned rice, toppings and dipping bowls. Your guests can top their squares with rice, toppings and then fold instead of roll their dinner! I love interactive dinner parties!

Ending with a sweet surprise!

If you have a  chance to take authentic Japanese cooking classes, jump at it!



  1. Looks like fun! I'm a big fan of making sushi and mango sticky rice at home.

  2. The ginger marinated pork looks delicious, Emilie.
    My niece is visiting her dad (my brother) from Japan and your post is timely. I would love to make her a Japanese meal, but she is adventurous with food and is trying every American food she can! (She's Japanese American)