Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - week three

Week three of the photo-a-day challenge!

Day Seventeen- In my fridge
Monday night in my fridge- breakfast ready to go in the blender, lunch ready to take along to work and lots of water ready for the car ride and a workout. You can also catch a glimpse of our compost "bin", water jug and some almond beverage. 

Day Eighteen- Price
At the Japanese Cooking Demonstration this past week the teacher brought bags of Japanese rice to compare quality vs price. I just though they were darn pretty!

Day Nineteen- Underneath 
It was too chili to take my jacket off for an outfit picture so I kept it on. So you have to look underneath!

Day Twenty- Man-Made
They meant "woman-made' right? I BBQ'd!!! (the sausages in the back) and used them to make an omelette panini sandwich. 

Day Twenty-One - Sometimes
This only happens once a year so I jump at the chance to have mini pumpkins! Love this white one!

Day Twenty-Two - Up
It was supposed to pour rain all day on Saturday, but check out this beautiful sky!

Day Twenty-Three - Before Bedtime
I'm really enjoying this book and usually the only time I get to read is right before bed. This is good and bad. Good because it settles my mind and I stop thinking about things I have to do, but bad because sometimes I stay up too late reading!


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  1. I enjoy your pictues Emilie, especially all of the delicious food photographs.