Wednesday, September 26, 2012

things that make me smile on a rainy sunday

The BF and I took a secret road trip on Sunday.... perhaps I'll tell you the reason one day!

It was a long trip so we stopped a few times for sanity's sake.

These Tim Horton's cookies always make me way too happy! I love that all the proceeds go to a charitable organization. They should always sell them!

We, and all the other cars on the road, where lucky enough to enjoy a large (and full!) rainbow. You could see its twin sometimes too. We both agreed it was the most impressive rainbow we had ever seen.

You can't help but smile at this sight!

On the way home we made a short but sweet stop at my parents' house for this amazing dinner. What a spread!

Carrot soup made with carrots from their garden!

Roast pork, couscous and peas. Yes please!

I swear I'm still recovering from the weekend... my body always demands lots of sleep after I have too much fun and excitement in my life! Excitement you ask? Oh yes, I will blog about it tomorrow! Here's a hint: Three giant BBQ's and a whole lot of dipping!


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  1. Food, nature, family. What else does a girl need on a rainy Sunday?;-)