Monday, September 17, 2012

photo-a-day challenge - week two

It's already the week two recap of the photo-a-day challenge I gave myself this month.

Day Ten- Black and White
These white and black rabbit salt/pepper shakers hang out on our fridge. We don't actually use them because they're just too cute! 

Day Eleven - Hero
My mom is my hero. Brave, creative, and so full of life! Unfortunately I don't get to see her enough, so here is a picture from a while back.

Day Twelve - Together
The bikes, together in the BF's office just waiting for their next ride!

Day Thirteen - Table
more like - what's on our table! Tasty food of course! This is an thai flavoured salad with salmon. 

Day Fourteen- Favourite
This one was tough because I'm known to have favourites of the month, day and even hour. This day was rainy, so of course my favourite part of a rainy day is getting to wear my fab orange rain boots and using my cute polka dot umbrella!

Day Fifteen - First thing you see
when I open the blinds in my living room....

Day Sixteen - Strange
healthy beside un-healthy - my breakfast on Sunday morning while watching a movie in my pj's was leftover oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a fruit smoothie. 

Two weeks to go and still holding strong to my goal!


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