Friday, September 14, 2012

white after labour day

What are your thoughts on the "no white after labour day" rule? I think I revisit this every September. I was in a government building today and I saw three different women wearing white pants! I don't think I could do it.

A white shirt on the other hand, is a different story apparently!

Ummm.... did you notice? I HAVE STRAIGHT HAIR! Oh my, it's been a loooooong hot and humid summer and this past week I've been putting my hair dryer and straightening iron to their limits because of the break in the weather. It probably won't last knowing Ottawa, but at least I had it for a few days!

Who doesn't love random food shots? Here was breakfast the other morning. A very tasty bowl of Date and Almond overnight oats.

In the mix: oats, dates, almonds, vanilla fat free yogurt, skim milk, cinnamon 

Bagel, ham, cheese, dijon and jalapeno pepper in the panini maker. Need I say more?

Why yes I do! The kale, carrot and apple slaw was also note worthy!

Mmm... dinner last night was a snap. A thai salmon salad with sesame seeds, kale, cucumber, red pepper, carrot and croutons!

Can you tell I'm happy for the weekend? I'm shopping, making food and enjoying every second of this one! I hope you do too!



  1. I do wear white after labor day. In fact if I feel like wearing white, I just wear it no matter what time of year. But to be truthful, I'm not big on wearing white too much, just because I always end up with something on my white clothing!

    You hair looks very pretty straightened.

  2. Looks like you may be running low on Kale. Want some?