Tuesday, September 11, 2012

this past weekend

Food and friends was the theme this past weekend!

Friday lunch was an easy (but oh so good!) egg, kale and salsa wrap.

For dinner we had one of our favourite (and relatively healthy) fast food go to meals- burritos from Mucho Burrito. Half off on Friday for the grand opening!

While watching TV on friday night we munched on some tasty snacks- grapes and sweet chili rice chips. 

Breakfast on Saturday was a real treat- whole wheat blueberry eggos with yogurt, granola and pineapple.

Dinner on Saturday was a wonderful feast. Lamb Curry (Rogan Josh actually!) with whole wheat naan bread, roasted cauliflower and green beans. OH MY! Leftovers on Sunday were even better!

 Saturday night we got together with some friend and hit the town! Of course some late night Shawarma sandwiches were in order!

 On Sunday, after an amazing (but cold!) 60km bike ride we headed over to the BF's sister and brother-in-laws' house for a wonderful meal. A great way to end a wonderful weekend!

And that's how you eat your way through the weekend!


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