Monday, September 10, 2012

photo-a-day challenge - week one

I'm sure everyone has heard of this challenge, but have any of you seen it through? I've always had good intentions but never really dedicated myself to it. September is the month though!

I used this site for my list and have been going strong all week. Here are the last 7 days of pictures:

Day One - You Now
cooking up a storm on my b-day weekend

Day Two - Father
My dad, mom and bro at the zoo

Day Three - Far Away 
Our LONG drive to Toronto

Day Four - In my mailbox
got to love apartment living - who gets mail other than bills or statements anymore?

Day Five - Bright
kale and carrot slaw

Day Six - Every day 
It feels like I eat something spicy everyday! This is my second of three spicy burritos this week!

Day Seven - Natural
Or - "It's only Natural". The BF with a burrito in one hand and hot sauce in the other.  What else is natural? A third burrito night in one week! 

Day Eight - At Night
I had to do a lot of research on this day (the reason I'm doing this challenge, so it was perfect!). I watched this simple tutorial about night photography to get my apperature and shutterspeed techniques.

I took this picture with my apperature at F5 and shutter speed at 2.5 seconds. I waited (someone creepely!) for a car to drive by to make the below lighting effect. 

Day Nine - Something you do most weekends
Food is the theme of most of our weekends. When we aren't out shopping for ingredients we are usually found making dishes or going out to eat! 

It's not too late to try this out! It really tests your imagination and pushes your photography skills to a new level.


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