Wednesday, October 3, 2012

cold weather road biking rides

Fall is colder this year in Ottawa. But I'm not complaining! I'll take cozy sweaters and scarves over sweating while sitting any day. It's taking my new obsession of road biking to a whole new level though!

Riding in cold air is a bit harder than most other sports during this season because of the wind factor. On some hills I'm getting up to 50-60km/hour! That's a lot of cold air! Here's what I do to stay warm:

Waterproof and warm "booties" to go over my cleats. These are imperative! My toes actually go numb without them. 

There are full finger gloves available, but I find this works just as well. I use cheap gloves to fit under my protective biking glove and it keeps my fingers toasty!

Finally there's the head band (cold ears!), the base layer shirt and the leggings that go over the padded riding shorts.

Lastly, you need to have a hot meal planned for when you get back because you're going to be chilled to the bone! Last week we planned to have some roasted spaghetti squash and bolognese sauce waiting for us on the stove.

With garlic toast on the side!

What do you do for your cold weather workout?


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  1. You look so cute in your cold weather biking gear. I wish I had your energy and your dedication to fitness and eating right.
    I used to be really good about it until I decided to go back to school and get ms master's degree. Now, I'm stuck behind the computer, writing.
    Maybe if I keep looking at your blog...I be inspired to get up and move more!