Monday, August 30, 2010

Cottage Hopping

The BF and I went to two cottages this past weekend. On the way there he listed off all of the things he wanted to do... I of course through in my usual spontaneous activities:

Day One
- arrive at his grandpa's place on the French River, eat lunch
- go boating to a rock where you can jump off and a rapid you can "float" down (I wasn't brave enough this time around).
- go driving in his dad's 1966 Sunbeam Alpine convertible. I made him park on a side road where we pretended we were a couple in the 1960's going for a "drive" with his arm around me. Golly gee it was a good time!

- we went to help his dad gas up his 172 Cessna Skyhawk (airplane that he flew to the cottage with) and since I was a bit afraid to fly I told him I would drive with him down the track to get gassed up and if we happened to take off, well I couldn't do anything to stop him! Our 10 minute flight was flawless, exciting, and so worth it!

Day Two
- cottage number two was a short hour drive south towards "cottage country". We stopped for a drink and a piece of AMAZING Peanut Butter Fudge.

- next was cannoning, paddle boating, swimming, 4-wheeling, and a game of "how many toys can we play with from the grandparent's garage" (that included badminton, horseshoes, Frisbee, and a weird ball catching contraption).
- we ended the day star gazing on our private balcony.

Day Three
- the best morning ever... we stayed in the "guest cottage" on the lake where you wake up to the sun filling the high ceiling bedroom room and while you gaze upon the marvelous view of the calm lake.
- I slept all the way home....

Projects this week include lots and lots of cooking. I need to teach my brother how to make the most out of the food in the pantry. Also, any ideas on the BEST chocolate cake you've ever made? I've never just made a normal chocolate cake. I want to ice it and place it on a cake stand like normal people do. I'm on the look out for a recipe.

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