Monday, February 21, 2011


The BF is all about numbers. I'd like think that's the reason why we have started to celebrate our "half" anniverseries with more enthusiasm than our actual anniversaries. But really we just love having an excuse to eat amazing food and celebrate.

This year he planned an afternoon and evening of surprises.

But before the day begins, you must have a healthy breakfast! We made a breakfast pizza with scrambled eggs, spinach, cheese and our signature hot peppers.

For lunch, we picked my brother up and we went to China town for some amazing pho.

Then the festivities started (as if the morning wasn't exciting enough!) It started with a comedy play at the Little Theater in Ottawa. Then after coming home to change into our fancy clothes we went to the place we had our second date- Chez Lucien, to have cocktails and listen to live Jazz. Then we walked across the street to Sweetgrass (an aboriginal restaurant) for amazing food, great wine, and lovely conversation. More importantly check our what we ate: elk dumplings, beef ribs with sweet potato risotto, bison burger, and crispy french fries. YUM!

After dinner, of course, we walked the few blocks to stand in front of the best refrigerator known to women- the Oh So Good fridge filled with all the kinds of cake you could possibly crave. We got double chocolate fudge. Oh yeah... best boyfriend ever.

Outfit for most of the day:

Pina Colada at the Little Theater in honour of the play:

The play:

Drinks at Chez Lucien:

Gin Martini (I had mine with cherries because they're tasty!)

Billy's straw matched his lime in his gin and tonic.

Chocolate cake:

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