Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm so happy that I get to travel for work! Last week I went to Halifax. The best part about working in a company filled with foodies is traveling with them. They're always up for eating at fabulous restaurants!

During the trip my colleague and I went to Tug's Pub for all sorts of fresh seafood. Later that night I discovered my favourite, so far, Canadian wine- Lost Vinyards in Nova Scotia. It was so amazing we drove around before we caught our plan to find a liquor store to stock up!

We stayed at the Chocolate Lake Hotel complete with a Chocolate Lab named Coco at the front reception desk.

Business trip outfits are so much fun! I brought my designer jeans for a more casual night time look. For the day I brought pants because traveling in a skirt can get uncomfortable. I actually read that newspaper over breakfast! I wasn't just holding it for the look. Although, I do like how it makes me look more businessy...

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