Saturday, March 5, 2011

Morning Off

I've been working so much lately. Sometimes I just need some time to myself! This morning I slept in (7am is actually sleeping in when you're used to 5:30am to make it to your morning cycle fit class!). Then I made a batch of muffins with the recipe I've been testing. I must say this second batch isn't as tasty as the last. This time I only put blueberries in. They're still moist but lacking flavour. They definitely needed the banana! It's too bad I only had one left. I really couldn't sacrifice it for the muffins when I knew it would be much more appreciated in a smoothie!
FYI Muffins are 125 calories each (and packed full of nutrients!) and smoothie was 150 calories (milk, plain yogurt, 1 frozen banana, pinch of cinnamon)

What am I wearing? PJs and I love it. But to make up for that here's my awesome outfit from yesterday! I actually made this skirt a while back, but never really liked in. I'm still not 100% satisfied (I find it has too much fabric by the hips and rides up). But it did the trick for "casual" friday. Loving the cute tights that peak through!

And now back to work!

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