Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Making a Splash!

I've been more aware of my work outfits in my role in Sales. Depending on the situation my outfit needs to have different subtleties that I never had to pay attention to before. For example, when at meeting with competitors, I must dress up but nothing funky or outrageous. It's all so new to me. Usually I want to make a splash with my clothes... so here's what I ended up with for today's out of town meeting:

On the flip side, my dinner tonight definitely made a splash! I defrosted some medium-firm tofu and splashed some soy sauce and sesame oil and let sit for a few minutes while the panini maker warmed up. I grilled them until browned.

I then grilled some gorgeous baby bok choy that had just a bit of oil, salt and pepper.

In my wok, I fried some garlic, ginger and green onion. I tossed the tofu and bok choy in for a few minutes then layered them in a bowl. Then I warmed some broth and a splash of soy sauce in the pan to get all the drippings and poured it over the bok/tofu mixture.

Voila! A simple, healthy and tasty meal under 500 calories!

There was even room for dessert: mango chunks with grated pure chocolate.

I played with the lighting settings on my camera. I hate taking pictures without natural light but adjusting the exposure setting and turning the flash off seemed to help! Check out the difference:

With exposure at normal setting:

With exposure at most negative setting:

I really should read up on this stuff!

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