Saturday, May 14, 2011


Stripes are in season this year! I love going through my wardrobe and finding items I haven't worn in a while and finding out they are stylish again.

I dug out my spring/summer clothes last night and found this lovely shirt. Paired with my new zebra peep toes they are sure to make the cut on the runways of Ottawa sidewalks.

How's the challenge going? Well I had a bit of a slip up this morning when I counted my breakfast calories. But I promise when I eat my piece of cake this afternoon I won't count any of its calories!



  1. Stripes are very trendy this season - I adore those fabulous heels you are wearing. Enjoy your cake and stop counting calories;-)

  2. I love it too when I realize old stuff from my closet are fashionable again :)

  3. Stripes has been my staple since I was a teenager! I am glad it's trendy again! Love your outfit, Emilie!

  4. I am in love with stripes right now. My Pinterest board is covered in striped shirts. :) You look awesome!

  5. stripes are always in my wardrobe - i'm just more in fashion some seasons more than others! (currently bang on trend - hooray, again!)

    You've also reminded me that I have a lovely pair of zebra print flats that I'll be looking out later.

    You look fab BTW
    fee x