Friday, May 20, 2011

Working off dinner

Ottawa was hot and humid today. A great teaser for what our summer will probably be like. The sun was out for a bit though so it was a nice change.

The BF and I decided it was too hot to cook so we got our bikes out and cycled to China Town for all you can eat sushi. It's a good thing we bike because check out how much food we ordered! It was gone in 10 minutes flat. I'm pretty sure the couple at the table next to us thought we where freaks of nature. We were in, done eating and out by the time they where starting their second order.

We took the scenic route back home and stumbled upon a hidden flower garden.

How did you spend your friday evening?



  1. Another sushi meal? I am so jealous, jk. You look so adorable in your biking attire! :)


  2. Mmm, that is quite the scoff!

    I went out of the city Friday night, actually I'm still roughing it in the country, haha (can you tell?). My friends and I were going to camping but it called for rain, snow, and thundershowers - only in Newfoundland!

  3. i spent it at home with the hubby..the sushi looks so good..making me want to get some sushi on saturday!