Monday, June 13, 2011


I use a clutch purse every day. It all started when my mom got a small wallet/purse that she was able to transfer to any larger purse (and we like to change purses sometimes a few times a day!). It's so easy! I just needed to find the perfect wallet/purse. After a few months I hadn't found anything I liked so I hauled out my clutch collection and found a solution without spending any money!

Here's my everyday clutch that fits my card holder, 3 lip gloss/lip sticks, a usb flash drive, cell phone, keys and camera. Everything I need everyday and night. It fits in every purse and also doubles as a dinner/going out purse.

The best part? It's vintage! My grandmother gave it to me a few summers ago. Thanks grandma!

Here's a few other of my favourite vintage cluthes:

And some new ones: (A girl can't have enough of these things!)

My favourite, it's also the least practical. It doesn't fit as much, but it sure is pretty!

For evenings I use these two interchangeably:

What's your favourite purse? Are you a huge purse gal or are you clutched?



  1. What a pretty collection. I just realized that I have zero clutches. How do I not own a clutch?

  2. Great collection! I love a huge purse. I use a clinique cosmetics case to organize misc. purse contents then pitch it, my wallet and cell into a larger bag.