Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The one-day (two-day) canoe trip

Nine of us set off at 10am on a sunny Saturday morning from Burritts Rapids Ontario. We had a great two day canoeing trip planned with lunch at a mid way pub, camping at a camp ground in Manotik Ontario and then a few hours of canoeing on Sunday to downtown Ottawa.

You gotta love Canadian weather.

We ended up at a beach 3.5 hours into the trip. The sun turned to billowy dark clouds. Where a warm summer breeze should have been there was a harsh wind in our face. Instead of flowing along a lazy river with the current we were battling against the flow of water. It was a hard 3.5 hours. Although it was fun, we decided to head back after lunch at a beach.

It was a good idea. How else can you have a fun weekend trip close to home for less than $100! We decided to spend our savings on a tasty dinner at a nearby pub. After 6 hours of hard rowing, I think we earned it!

Can't wait to try it again!



  1. What a workout! I do love the sound of nothing but the oar hitting the water. Peaceful. :)

  2. That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend! Like, "I Live in Self Magazine" great:)

    Maybe not all of it panned out exactly right, but you sound like you made the most of it!