Friday, September 23, 2011

downtown toronto food and style

On my last day of Toronto meetings I decided to do something fun for lunch- some espionage at the new Bay Foodways Market. It's only been open for a month now and it sure is a gorgeous place to grab a quick, gourmet and healthy lunch.

I had their Veggie Trio Panini with a side salad. Gorgeous! I love that it had goat cheese and a special spread for extra flavour (I find veggie sandwiches at most places to be a bit bland).

Their displays were market inspired.

This is another sit down restaurant and quick serve right on the main street of Queen (still in the Bay building, Foodways is actually in the basement). It's called Bannock- Canadian Comfort Food!

I was dressed a little too warmly for the hot and sunny September day, but I still felt comfortable among the fashionable Toronto workers.

Happy Friday everyone!


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