Saturday, September 24, 2011


I haven't worn this skirt in a few years actually. I forgot how fabulous it is! I'm glad I've started to incorporate more brown and less black in my wardrobe.

To continue with the brown loving theme of the day I made some double chocolate oatmeal cookies! Mmmm... words can't describe. Check out these babies!

All I did was add a few tsps of cocoa powder and a cup of oatmeal to a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Perfection!

I'm bringing some decorations for rib fest today so under that guise I convinced Billy to purchase these lovely sunflowers for "the decorations". Really, I just wanted them around me. Sunflowers are so happy!

Money can buy happiness sometimes! These $7 sunflowers put a smile on my face all night!



  1. Oh I can eat sushi anytime!!!

    I like your classy look in this post btw.

  2. Very chic your skirt here - brown looks warmer than black and looks good with colors too - i'm a fan! Have a gorgeous sunday - with more chocolate ;)

  3. Hi Emilie,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have never(until now) met somebody(online or in real life) that spells their name the same way I do. :)