Wednesday, September 21, 2011

take your kid to work day!

After my meeting in Toronto I stopped in at my dad's office to bring him an afternoon tea and a Tim Horton's smile cookie!

We did a photo shoot near these giant belting rolls (that's what they produce and sell at his work!).

Dinner was a fun twist on last night's dinner (my mom's famous meatloaf). I added a bit more tomato sauce and some sauteed onion and garlic to make sloppy joes! Did you ever see the Olsen Twins in the remake of the Parent Trap- It Takes Two? Right, I secretly love that movie. In one scene the fancy twin tries a sloppy joe at camp and it looked SO good! It's a hidden comfort food for me.

I made some coleslaw to add some crunch to the burgers.

A comfy dinner calls for a comfy after work outfit! I found this scarf in my mom's closet and it just worked so well with my shirt!

My dad bought me some slippers to wear when I'm visiting. SO comfy!


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