Tuesday, October 18, 2011

awesome men-in-my-life-made food!

Monday. My crazy day. The day I get up before the whole world and drive two hours to work. I'm always enjoy the relaxing time listening to morning radio and drinking my breakfast-on-the-go smoothie.

My outfit is always a bit on the comfy side too because of the long drive. (My outfit shot is also in a work bathroom mirror, but you get the just of it!).

When I get board of my accessories I just put two of them together!

A most excellent leftovers lunch today. The bf spend all of sunday afternoon making a tasty spaghetti and meat ball dish. It was melt in your mouth heavenly! Even better the day after...

What's with the guys in my life cooking lately? I got to my brother's house after hitting the gym for a cycling class after work and said "weird, it smells like baking bread in here". He replied, "that's because I'm MAKING BREAD!". It was awesome. There really is nothing like fresh bread out of the oven.

Apparently this is the 4th loaf he makes. He's a pro!


1 comment:

  1. love your pointy shoes!
    and fresh bread is awesome. so good.
    and i'm sure you'll reach your running goals! i'm convinced that anyone can be a runner; i never thought i'd run more than 3 miles, but i've done 3 half marathons now..crazy!