Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It was our 2.5 year anniversary this past weekend. We celebrate our .5's because it always falls a few days after Valentine's day and it SO much cheaper to get chocolate and flowers!

We spent the day doing anything and everything we wanted!

From walking our friends' dog Abby...

To buying discounted Valentine's chocolate from the Lindt store...

Picking up flowers from my new favourite flower shop (they display the flowers in MASON JARS!)...

 And finally enjoying an amazing meal at a great restaurant...

Lemon and herb flavoured butter:

Pan seared fish with a goat cheese stuffed tortellini, cabbage and carrots:

On our way to dessert we found a new friend! Polar Bear ice sculpture:

Red Velvet, chocolate syrup and chocolate chip ice cream:

Outfit: grey dress + lots of fun necklaces:

 This is at Le Chateau Laurier where we went for drinks after dessert.
Other things we did: went for a run, enjoyed a pint at the local pub and stopped at a few "not too blog-worthy" restaurants during the day for some snacks (hint: chicken mcnuggets). 

A perfect day spent with an amazing guy! 



  1. i always try to eat fish when i go to restaurants, because i hate to cook it at home! this sounds really good with the cheese tortellini!

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  2. sounds like a great celebration. i think it's super cute that you celebrate the 0.5. :)