Wednesday, February 22, 2012

camera bags

Now that I have the camera, I really want a lovely camera bag that goes with everything, protects my new friend and fits all the essentials. So basically the perfect bag, not asking for much right?

I think I've found a few contenders.

1) The Jill-E collection

a) for my wallet and point and shoot camera. 


b) for the dslr and other life essentials, this is my first pick


c) this one fits everything, but it just doesn't look as pretty. It's much cheaper though!

2) The Kelly Moore Collection

In close second to the Jill-E bag is the Posey bag by Kelly Moore.


Do you have a camera bag that you love? 


p.s. I'm in no way endorsing these companies or did they pay me to put them up, I just really love them!


  1. Smitten with the first. Would be great for my camera;-)

  2. oh I love the second one but then again I love them all :)