Thursday, March 29, 2012

granola photo experiment

This morning, I tried something new when I photographed my breakfast.

It was a lovely bowl of yogurt, maple granola, bananas, kiwi and dried cherries.

 I placed the bowl on my white scarf and put a white cardboard behind it facing the window. It's a cloudy day so I added a lamp for more light.

My set up looks pretty ridiculous. I find the picture isn't all that impressive either, but it's a start! 

 I have to keep trying because my living room is the only room in the house with good sunlight. I find the couch and tv make for poor food backgrounds though! Any suggestions?



  1. It looks so pretty and delicious :) i think you did a great job at photographing it

  2. Hey Emilie!! Hope all is well :) I follow the Oh She Glows vegan blog and Angela made a light box to take food pictures. Here is the post :

    1. Thank you for the tip! It's quite the impressive contraption!