Monday, May 14, 2012

10 weeks and 10 goals - week one

How often to you promise yourself you're going to eat well or exercise for the next year or you have an event (e.g. bikini season, wedding or party) in a few months and your going to get into shape for it?

I find my long goals start to fizzle in intensity after a few weeks. For this reason I've developed a series of mini goals to get ready for my 100km bike race in July (exactly 10 weeks away).

Each week I will set an activity and food goal for the following 7 days.

Join me as I reveal my 7 day goals each Monday! Maybe you can follow along or make your own goals?

Week One 

Goal #1 - 1 bike ride/day
 (if it rains, I will substitute the ride for a spinning class at the gym. This is going to help me get used to riding a road bike.)
Goal #2 - smoothie or overnight oats for breakfast
 (to force me to get creative!)

This morning I had a yummy green smoothie for breakfast.

Green Smoothie 

Frozen fruit (I prepared 4 bags of frozen fruit on Sunday with 1/2 banana, 3 strawberries, 3 chunks of mango and a bit of raw oats)
1 cup skim milk
1/2 cup strawberry Activia fat free yogurt
1 handful spinach

Blend until smooth!

I had lunch at work (more on that tomorrow!) so after my bike ride today I make myself a tasty sandwich with raw veggies for dinner.

My sandwich was full of  flavour! Whole wheat bagel, dijon mustard, ham, spinach, hummus and for crunch, 4 slices of cucumber. 

Day one success!



  1. Your dinner looks delicious :) I'm cheering for you as you take on your goals :D

  2. YUM.....that looks like it should be my meal plan for tomorrow!