Tuesday, May 15, 2012

catering demonstration

We really showed some potential clients what we are made of this week!

What an awesome job the team did on our latest catering demonstration.

Roast prime rib, apple wood cheddar, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and smoky aioli on a French baguette (my favourite!)

Orange infused pork tenderloin on Daikon salad with sesame vinaigrette accented with roasted poppy seeds

Cucumber roundels with smoked salmon & garden herb mousse

Baba Ganoush with smoked artichoke and roasted cumin seed on Naan Bread crostini

Fruit Tray

Selection of Canadian Cheeses

Deluxe Sandwich Tray

Decadent Desserts

 All served with a smile!

 Jaeger Schnitzel with Wild Forest Mushroom Gravy

Fresh Herb & Citrus Infused Chicken

Dessert: Apple & Pear Strudel with Warm Vanilla Sauce

Days like this really make me wonder why I get paid to do my job!


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