Monday, May 21, 2012

loooooooong weekend fun!

Happy Monday!

It's only so happy for me because it's a holiday here in Canada. It's been a fun weekend of enjoying the sun, bike rides and BBQs. 

Yesterday, we took a trip to the downtown market to pick up fresh veggies for the next few days. 

I wore some new shoes and they turned out to be as comfy as advertised (and just as cute!). 

Instead of going out for lunch as planned, we ended up picking out some of our favourite bread (from Art-Is-In Bakery) and making spicy Italian Paninis with goat cheese, basil, italian meats, tomato, spinach, hot oil, dijon and marinated mushrooms. 

mmm.... sandwiches....

Hope you're having a fab day! Everything is closed here so we're going to hit the road with our bikes and perhaps enjoy a picnic along the way!



  1. That bread looks so delicious! My love of a good sandwich is resurfacing....

  2. CUTE shoes! Looks great with the long skirt.