Tuesday, May 22, 2012

summer BBQs

I really can't get enough of summer BBQs! Everyone eating tasty food in a festive atmosphere. It really doesn't get any more summery.

This past weekend we went to our friend's house to enjoy some awesome food!

My favourite part was the LOADS of veggies! I thought this was genius: roasted vegetables mixed with goat cheese. The cheese got melty in the veggies and it was just pure decadence.

We also had salad with strawberries and toasted nuts, roasted grilled asparagus and pork ribs. Yum!

For dessert the BF and I picked out Rich Chocolate and Strawberry Gelato from a downtown shop with some Italian cookies and berries as garnish. 

Thanks for a great evening guys!



  1. Oh yum! Everything looks absolutely delicious! Roasted vegetables mixed with goats cheese sounds yummy too. xo

  2. All I can say is that, now, I'm super hungry because of this post! X