Wednesday, June 13, 2012

greek bbq and fruity sangria recipe

The weather is just forcing us outside to enjoy the sun and the bbq!

The BF and I packed up a tasty dinner and headed over to our friend's house for a Greek inspired BBQ.

To start we devoured all of this caramelized onion hummus with warmed whole wheat tortillas.

Our plates looked like the rainbow! Chicken or Tofu and veggie kabobs, greek salad and roasted potatoes with tzatziki.

To top it all off we enjoyed a fun drink!

Fruity Sangria

1/2 pitcher of your go-to red wine
1/4 pitcher of fruit juice
1/4 pitcher of sprite or 7-up
2 oz orange liqueur 
1/2 lemon and orange in slices
a handful each of strawberries and raspberries

Mix the liquid together then add the fruit. Don't forget to garnish! If the juice/pop isn't cold add some ice. 


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