Friday, June 29, 2012

this week was busy!

Wow, talk about crazy schedule! This week I finished up a huge project at work and then found out I was going to a conference! There hasn't been a moment to spare.

But I still made it though while focusing on this week's 10 weeks 10 goals challenges. I even fit a 42km ride, a spinning class, some ab and stretching work and  it's only friday!

Some shots from my week:

Lunch at the Thai place near my work. AMAZING! Rice noodles, veggies, pork and spring rolls.

Pre 42km ride dinner: yogurt, cereal and berries!

Working lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich with  carrots and hummus.

Car ride fuel: Banana mango smoothie and ice cold water!

WAY too early for pictures! 6:30am about to hit the road. I don't look too happy do I?

I hope you all have a fab friday! Happy Canada Day Weekend!


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