Thursday, January 5, 2012

January's 30 days of...

I've been enjoying reading all the blogger resolutions for 2012! I really am not a huge New Years Resolution fan. I think a year is too long for a goal. I like mine short and with an end in site.

 I loved my "30 days of vegetarian" goal last August so much that I think 2012 should be the year that I make more short term goals. To start, in January I'd like to read more about current events. Globe & Mail is making that easy for me by emailing me the top stories every day!

Here's what I read today:

Interesting article about really thinking about what your food is made from. Speaking of such, I knew exactly what was in my lunch yesterday!

An absolutely perfect omelet. I never have the patience for these. In fact, the only place I make omelets is a work (when I was a kitchen manager).  At home, they usually end up as scrambled eggs.
This Spinach and Cheese Omelet masterpiece was easy as can be and was very tasty.


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