Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo a day challenge- week four (final week!)

Final week of the photo-a-day challenge!

Day Twenty-Four - Three Things
Have you ever gotten any Stella and Dot jewelry? I haven't, but my co-worker got a few pieces the other day. I love the jewelry, but I loved the boxes even more!

Day Twenty-Five - Frame
It's the small things. I love our white window frame and white curtains in our office. It's a touch of pretty in a corporate world. 

Day Twenty-Six - Near
I LOVED this fruit display at work all the colours beside each other really worked for me. 

Day Twenty-Seven - Love/Hate
Working from home! I love that we get to stop and make a home cooked meal for lunch- like these Tuna Melts. I hate that I have to work all day and I can't do "home" things. 

Day Twenty-Eight- A Good Thing
This only happens once a year so I jump at the chance to have mini pumpkins! Love this white one!

Day Twenty-Nine- Errand
Errands mean a stop in to Mucho Burrito! The BF got the Ghost Pepper one. Wow even my one bite was hot hot hot!

Day Thirty - You, Then 
This was taken in January of this year. Almost a year with the Nikon

That's that! I would do this challenge again.


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